Photo Rock It

Photo Rock It

Rocco D'Alessandro, Italy, mostly Street Photography.

All photos here are taken by me unless otherwise stated.

Sk8er !

“Post five random facts about yourself and message ten of your favorite followers this!”

“Post five random facts about yourself and message ten of your favorite followers this!”

Oh well I was tagged by taja-photography she have a very great blog with very beautiful photos !!!  thx much Tara i never forget this ;)))

This is my third time in 5 random fact… and mmhhhh i dont have so much quality or things to tell ahahahah but lets try

1. I am very lazy, so lazy that my best quality become the synthesis, all to save energy;)

 2. When i was Young…and this was a century ago, omg, when i felt sad i like to sit on the edge of the bridges and look down, at trains, cars, rivers (better rivers)… was a really hypnotic experience, and after a little i came back in pace with this “cruel world”  ;)))

3. I live in a small town with 114.000 people (with me 114.001), before or later you come to know all… is not an easy life for a Street photographer ;))

4.I like photography… dont cheat Rocco!!! this is obvious… ok i like music all music…but the blues is blues ;) I like film like Wings of desire (The sky over Berlin) but also a Japanese cartoon like Samurai Champloo, i like wine, beer, sanbuca, coffee, pizza, pasta, fish, meat, vegetables, fruits…….so do not let problems if you will invite me to dinner ;)))

5. i love all bad habits, for that i stay away from many of it ;) many not all !!!

Ok now i have to tag 10 friends but this time i want to be a little bastard inside… ;) so i tag all my follower and all my followed ;)  ok ok was a joke !!   

(MUseum of SciencE)
Shy Tiger

Rain and Tears

Dedicated to this fall which is not so different from the last summer ;)

Happiness and good light to everyone !!!

Hold the line
Hold the line - Toto
Fly away, away from…
Volo via…lontano da
(Banco del mutuo soccorso - Lontano da)
I alone was enough for me

The lookout !

The world in the hands
Summary of a Summer
Finally back! After 2 months I am happy to see you again dear Tumblr Friends and find again your photo stories. I missed you a lot !!!
Lost in the circle
Circle - Edie Brickell
You’ll never walk alone !   ;)
Eat my dust !